Highly Qualified Professional


Technical Background

Qualified IT Professional 


  • Plan for the delivery of ICT Support Services

  • Customer Care

  • Investigating and Defining Requirements

  • Technical Fault Diagnosis

  • Remote Support for Products and Services

  • Technical Advice and Guidance

Management Background

Qualified in Business Management


  • Principles of Business

  • Principles of Leadership and Management

  • Principles of People Management

  • Manage personal and professional development

  • Manage a budget

  • Health and Safety Procedures in the Workplace

Project Management

Accredited in

Agile Project


Founded New Dawn Design


With time on my hands during the the recent health crisis and having a strong business background I decided to put my skills to use with the hope of helping others at the same time. Knowing what has worked for me over 22 years in business along with a strong technical background has given me the ability to help clients improve their own brand recognition and awareness .